Prevent Small Issues from Evolving into Large Problems with a Free Roof Inspection!

As a homeowner, we’re sure that you know how important it is to request a free roof inspection to ensure the integrity of your home’s roof. With winter finally on its way out, it’s even more critical that you schedule a visit from Sherriff-Goslin, the most trusted roofing contractor in Muncie, to have them assess the overall health of your roof and – more importantly – help you determine if any repairs are necessary to ensure it lasts through another season. Too often, homeowners allow small issues to snowball into big problems… easy fixes and minor repairs become total roof replacements.

With your home’s roof being its first line of defense against inclement weather and debris, your home’s contents – including your family! – depend on it to provide a suitable level of protection against damaging moisture. In the Midwest, especially, winter and spring weather can cause problems, due to the low temperatures and high chances of rainfall and humidity.

A great way to safeguard your roof against the unpredictable Midwestern weather is to opt for a roof that utilizes Core4 technology in its roofing shingles. These shingles afford your roof enhanced strength, more flexibility, and increased longevity. Pliable and flexible, Core4 shingles are designed to hold up in extreme – and unpredictable – temperatures.

At Sherriff-Goslin, we’re committed to helping our customers avoid catastrophe. We know how disheartening roofing problems can be, especially when they’re unexpected. With a team of well-trained experts available to provide comprehensive, free roof inspections, we’ll work with you to help you understand the state of your roof, identify potential problem areas, and recommend fixes that will ensure the integrity of your roof and the safety of your home’s inhabitants. If you’re looking at the melting snow and getting concerned about the state of your roof, contact us today to schedule a visit!