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Our Roofing Company in Muncie is Committed to Safety

A demonstrable commitment to safety is critical when you’re looking for a roofing company in Muncie or Anderson to perform your roof repair, roof installation, or roof replacement. With our “Safety First” program, Sherriff-Goslin has made it clear that we are dedicated to protecting both our customers and our employees.

All of our employees are offered comprehensive safety training and we utilize equipment that meets – or exceeds – OSHA regulations. Additionally, all of our workers are fully insured, which allows our customers to rest easy, as they are absolved of liability. We hold firm to our core values – quality, integrity, and safety – and assign a high level of importance to safety, as it allows us to offer our customers a priceless commodity: peace of mind.

safe roofing company in muncie

safe roofing company in muncie

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